Why am I getting error 0x800c0006?

After opening the installer file for Windows Movie Maker, you may come across an error message like the one below. The exact error message can vary, but a commonly seen one is: Windows esse...Read More

Who runs

Hi there! My name is Steve. Thanks for stopping by my website! I was born in 1988, and like many others, grew up using Windows Movie Maker whenever I needed to edit or publish any video files. It was an ...Read More

How do I get Windows Movie Maker for Windows 10?

Windows Movie Maker is a piece of video editing software that previously came bundled with Microsoft Windows, up to and including Windows 8. As of the Windows 10 release in 2015, however, Microsoft no longer includes Windows Movie Maker in the operating system, so Windows 10 users who are look...Read More

Where can I download Windows Movie Maker?

Windows Movie Maker is a video editing program that was originally included with the Microsoft Windows operating system. Since 2017, however, Microsoft has discontinued releasing and supporting Windows Movie Maker, and has even removed the download link from their website. ...Read More

Is Windows Movie Maker any good?

Windows Movie Maker was one of the most popular options for free video creating software, and it continues to be a popular free video editor despite the difficulty in finding reliable download links. (See here for ou...Read More

Is Windows Movie Maker free?

Yes! Windows Movie Maker is a free program that was included in previous versions of the Microsoft Windows operating system. It is no longer included in modern versions of Microsoft Windows, but free download links to the original installation files remain available through websites such as ou...Read More