Is Windows Movie Maker free?

Yes, Windows Movie Maker is absolutely free software published by Microsoft. It has been included with the Windows operating system starting with Windows ME in 2000, but no longer comes preinstalled with the operating system as of Windows 7. This is when Windows Movie Maker began to be offered as a standalone installation as Windows Live Movie Maker, and later as a part of Windows Essentials. Although the initial license to own Windows OS is not technically free, once a user has a PC with Windows preloaded, Windows Movie Maker can simply be used for free as a part of the operating system.

Until January 2017, users who were on Windows 7 and later were able to download the installer file from the official Microsoft website to download the installer file, which again was offered for free. After January, however, the free download file has been discontinued by Microsoft. Our website hosts the original archived download file and we continue to offer the installer file for free.

Beware of other websites that claim to offer free Windows Movie Maker downloads. Even if the download itself is free, it may ask you to make a payment just to save your movie file. See here to learn about a known scam and be sure you do not fall victim and pay a crook for what should be a free product.