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Why am I getting error 0x800c0006?

After opening the installer file for Windows Movie Maker, you may come across an error message like the one below.

The exact error message can vary, but a commonly seen one is:

Windows essentials couldn’t be installed. To try installing again, click Try again.

Couldn’t install programs. An unknown error occured. Error:0x800c0006 Source: WLXSuiteLang

What can you do to resolve this issue?

In almost all cases, this is due to a mismatch between the Windows operating system language and the Windows Live Essentials installer file language. If the language settings do not match, you will likely encounter this error.

For example, you may encounter this error message if your Windows OS language setting is German, but you attempt to install the English version of Windows Live Essentials.

The easiest solution is to simply select the correct language before starting the Windows Movie Maker download.

Right below the "Download Now" button is a drop-down menu which will allow you to select your language. Choose the language that matches your Windows operating system language to install Windows Live Essentials, and you will be able to resolve this issue.