How do I get Windows Movie Maker on Windows 10?

If you have Windows 10 and are looking for Windows Movie Maker, you will not find it already loaded on your computer. This is because Windows Movie Maker is no longer included with the Windows operating system as of Windows 7.

You will need to download the Windows Live Essentials 2012 software that is available for free on our website. Windows Movie Maker is included as one of the software features of Windows Live Essentials.

Once you download and install Windows Live Essentials, you will then have Windows Movie Maker installed and available for use.

Be careful of illegitimate copies of the download file that are hosted on other websites. Remember, Windows Movie Maker is free software and will never require payment. If a version you installed asks for payment or claims to be a trial only, DO NOT submit payment and make sure you download the installer file from a legitimate source.