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Is Windows Movie Maker any good?

Windows Movie Maker was one of the most popular options for free video creating software, and it continues to be a popular free video editor despite the difficulty in finding reliable download links. (See here for our download links!)

What makes Windows Movie Maker so good? Below are our 3 reasons.

Windows Movie Maker has a solid set of features for basic video editing

The features that the typical user needs for video editing are typically quite basic. Whether it's editing video for personal use or uploading videos for YouTube, chances are Windows Movie Maker has everything you need.

Below is a short list of the features that Windows Movie Maker offers:

  • Cutting and joining video segments
  • Overlaying text and other images / graphics
  • Transitions between video segments
  • Sounds and background music
  • Export to a variety of formats, including publishing directly to OneDrive, Facebook and YouTube

Windows Movie Maker is intuitive, user-friendly and easy to learn

One of the reasons Windows Movie Maker is so popular is that its interface is quite straightforward and intuitive. It uses a storyboard timeline format, where the user drags and drops various video clips in an arrangement that they like. Sound files and text boxes can be placed on the same timeline, so with a quick look you can see what your final video output will look and sound like.

Many of us may have used Windows Movie Maker at one time or another when it was initially released, and we may still remember the basic layout and concepts of the software interface.

Windows Movie Maker is free!

Finally, it's hard to beat free, and that makes Windows Movie Maker one of your best options for video editing. If you're a professional video editor, perhaps you need some more advanced features like green screen or audio capability, and you may be better off using video editing software like Final Cut Pro (which of course will cost you money).

It's certainly a shame that Microsoft discontinued support as of 2017, but as long as you are able to find genuine and safe download links, Windows Movie Maker remains a solid option, especially because of its $0 price tag.

Don't forget that if you come across any websites or popups asking for payment, that is not a legitimate version of Windows Movie Maker!