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Windows Movie Maker is a free video editing program that allows users to create, edit & share videos. As of 2019, however, the download source has changed. This website shows you how to complete your Windows Movie Maker download from an archived source. Windows Movie Maker is a part of the Windows Live Essentials software package, but has been discontinued as of January 2017 and is no longer available for download from the Microsoft website. Luckily, we have saved the links to the archived files for you, and all you have to do is choose your language and you will be linked to the Windows Movie Maker download URL.

Windows Live Essentials 2012

Includes Windows Movie Maker
Version 16.4.3528.331

Download Now
Safe & secure download
No viruses, adware or spyware

Frequently Asked Questions about Windows Movie Maker

Is Windows Movie Maker free?
Is Windows Movie Maker any good?
Where can I download Windows Movie Maker?
How do I get Windows Movie Maker on Windows 10?

Windows System Requirements for Windows Movie Maker

Operating system 32- or 64-bit version of Windows 7, or 32- or 64-bit version of Windows 8, or 32- or 64-bit version of Windows 10, or Windows Server 2008 R2.
Processor 1.6 GHz or higher with SSE2 support. SSE2 is supported on Pentium 4 processors or newer, and AMD K8 processors or newer.
Memory 1 GB of RAM or higher
Resolution 1024 × 576 minimum
Internet connection Online services require dial-up or high-speed Internet access (provided separately—local or long-distance charges might apply). High-speed Internet access is recommended for some features.
Graphics card Windows Movie Maker requires a graphics card that supports DirectX 9.0c or higher and Shader Model 2 or higher. For DirectX 9 hardware on Windows 7, go to Windows Update.

Step-by-Step Download & Installation Instructions

Watch video or text below

Step 1

Download the file by clicking on the download link above, and saving it to your hard drive (e.g. Downloads folder)

Step 2

The file is approximately 130 MB and will take several minutes to complete.

Step 3

Once downloading is complete, double click on the file called "wlsetup-all"

Step 4

You will then see a prompt asking if you would like to allow the file to make changes to your device (i.e. install Windows Moive Maker and other Live Essentials software). Click Yes to proceed.

Windows 8 and later:

Windows Vista and earlier:

Step 5

The installation of Windows Live Essentials will commence.

Step 6

The first option during installation asks whether to install Windows Movie Maker only, or all of the Windows Live Essentials software package. This includes software like Messenger, Mail, Writer, OneDrive and the Outlook Connector Pack.

If you choose to install Windows Movie Maker only, click on "Choose the programs you want to install" and select "Photo Gallery and Movie Maker"

Step 7

Click on "Install" and your installer will install the files into your system.

Step 8

Once your installation is complete, you will see the following screen. Click close and you can now launch Windows Movie Maker!

That's it!

Look for the Windows Movie Maker icon in the start menu and start making movies!

Is this download safe? Are there any viruses, malware, adware or spyware?

This download is completely safe as it is the unaltered, original installation file that was released by Microsoft. The download button links to, which continues to host the original installation file that was released by Microsoft before it was discontinued. How can you be absolutely sure? After downloading the file, right click on the icon and click on properties. Go to the Digital Signatures tab and you will be able to verify that this file is indeed the original file released by the software publisher (i.e. Microsoft Corporation) and not altered by a third party.

Click into the details tab and you will see additional information confirming that the publisher is indeed Microsoft Corporation. If you find any files that do not show Microsoft as the publisher, DO NOT INSTALL the file as it is not the original.

Initiating download...

Your download should begin shortly, but can take up to 60 seconds to initiate. Please be patient. Click here to try again.

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How was the download? Were you able to install the program successfully? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • Larry Odneal - 2019-10-15

    Norton says it's safe.

  • Max Stirner - 2019-09-28


  • DUCK FACE - 2019-09-26

    this better not have any viruses.

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  • Topsy Kretz - 2019-09-10

    Thanks! Works perfectly!

  • skcyclist - 2019-08-31

    This is great, thank you so much! Best, most intuitive movie maker I've found.

  • Patricia Grooms - 2019-08-21

    didnt work

  • beechaku - 2019-07-29

    WoW!!! That's good!

  • PS1 - 2019-07-22

    Sadly, this download did not work for me.

    It seemed to install, but, when I try to use it, (after craeating a desktop shortcut) it reads, "The item MovieMaker. exe that this shortcut refers to has been changed or moved, so this shortcut will no longer work properly. Do you want to delete this shortcut?".

    I'm currently running Win8.1.
    Please point me in the direction of a safe download that works.
    Thanks, in advance.

  • Stanislaw Wisniowiecki - 2019-07-01

    Brilliant. No problems with download and installation. Many thanks.

  • RosetiYT - 2019-06-28


  • Grizzly Chatchai - 2019-06-25


  • drjgorman - 2019-06-25

    Nothing! Does not even try to download. No error message.

  • Ismail Tayyip Ersoy - 2019-06-21

    The installer somehow manages to get stuck at 98%. Is there something I should know?

  • Blaine - 2019-06-12

    Your graphic gives the impression I can now run Movie Maker on a Mac?!? I'm surprised you still haven't changed this. As for the downloads, they are basically all archived links to of the original Microsoft installers. Thanks again for compiling those links into an easy-to-use site. But please change the image! :)

  • Pixelcraftian - 2019-06-06

    Well, thanks for not scamming me.

  • Anthony Francisco - 2019-05-21

    Thanks so much for this. Looked for it everywhere and this is the only one that works.

  • Marco Pas - 2019-05-05

    Works like a charm! Big thumps Up for making this available.

  • ArmandMilieu - 2019-05-01

    Win10 seems ot reject the installation.

    An unknown error occurred

    Does this have to do with the language package? I have no idea.

  • TONHA YIM - 2019-03-17

    let me try first can use good or not i will come to comment again

  • Benthetrainkid - 2019-03-06

    When I try to download the program, it gives me an unknown error. Is there a fix to it?

  • 12331mario - 2019-03-05

    it works, i'm not a bot or anything sketchy it's the real deal

  • waheed - 2019-01-17

    thanks alot my searching is completing here its amazing working i am very happy again thank you very much...

  • Msimisi Maseko - 2018-12-17

    its a cool maker just needs those mouse short cuts like volume increase and rewind/foeard mouse gestures

  • Tyrell-Chan - 2018-12-10

    Why you no work?

  • Patryk (Świętokrzyskie - East) - 2018-11-26

    Works :)_

  • C A Dark - 2018-10-19

    Downloaded ok but can't find the .exe file.

  • Doctor Digital - 2018-09-14

    This download is the official Windows Live Essentials 2012 Package, offline installer version. "wlsetup-all.exe" is a safe legit program. After download, if you Right Click, select properties, you can view the Digital Signature" from Microsoft. This Live Essential package, which includes Windows Live Movie Maker, was offered as a free addition to Windows by Microsoft. Microsoft no longer provides a download from their website, but many who did download the offline installer when it was available, make it available, such as from here. NOTE VERY IMPORTANT, you must have Microsoft .NET 3.5 installed for Movie Maker to run. Those here who complained it does not work need to install .NET 3.5

    I commend those responsible for creating this website, and making Movie Maker available

    Best Regard,
    The Doctor

  • tummyfat - 2018-09-10

    When my Movie Maker in the original package came as part of the computer base files...... ("C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Live\Photo Gallery") it is still in there but has messed up graphics and strange multi-video when I try to open a video file......and also my Photo Gallery has change the start screen whenever I try to open picture slide do just try to put Movie Maker back from another computer that is showing it properly or do I delete Movie Maker from the Photo Gallery file and then what......very confusing.....if I take the download ....where will it put the "new" Movie Maker? ..I will it go Photo Gallery and try to replace?

  • isuf futsi - 2018-08-19

    not working to me, cannot be installed saying any hel pls, i downloaded also from this website: the same error is showing to me

  • Hala Aljayoussi - 2018-08-14

    Thank you

  • Le_xelm - 2018-08-14

    VERY LEGIT! i promise… i was skeptical at first but it actually works.
    8/14/2018 - USA.

    i actually don't know how to use any other movie making software so i need this to make clips of me gaming on steam.
    i'm currently doing Brawlhalla clips :)
    tyvm !!


  • Kik Eng - 2018-08-08

    thank you very much

  • Charlie - 2018-07-23

    If people are having trouble dl the msft file, here is the link to the wayback machine (make sure to look at the digital signatures and verify they are msft) you never know... But as of 7/22/18 they are verified.

  • 커피 - 2018-07-17

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  • 커피 - 2018-07-17


  • Laurie Brett - 2018-07-15

    Fantastic! Thank you so much! If other down-loaders are having difficulties, as I did, in finding the actual executable file, you need to do a search for 'Photo Gallery' not 'Windows Movie Maker.' From there it's very easy to create a permanent shortcut to the program. Thanks again...

  • Topi Hitam - 2018-07-06


  • Maryna Jansen van Vuuren - 2018-06-22

    Hi, I downloaded the trial and then registered and paid the lisence fee in order to export the final video. I received confirmation mail with ref etc to complete the registration, which was successful. Now when I export the final video I get a error message....sorry save export data failed?? When I click close the window to exit or register opens?

    Anyone encountered this. I have a lisence know and still no happiness.

    This is quite urgent....I mail the support team but still awaits feedback and support.

  • ᵗᶤᵈᵖᵘᶰᵍ - 2018-06-16


  • Suzuki da Rider - 2018-06-14

    this archieve failed network error . it already been removed

  • Eric Swank - 2018-06-05

    Great, thank you for the wlsetup-all.exe the wlsetup-web.exe doesn't work anymore. I can attest that this still works to install Windows Movie Maker on Windows 10 version 1803 (x64). Scanned with Malwarebytes and 100% clean.

  • DeoDaniel - 2018-06-05


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    IT WORKS!!! Thank you soo much. You're a life saver

  • Regina Ruehling - 2018-05-21

    How do you ad music to your videos. I was able to do that easily with the old version. And how do you stop it from loading all your photos at once.

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    I AGREE WITH Bradley Culter !!!
    Bless you! I hope I can do something as generous to others someday soon.

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    Thank the Gods! I have tried so many and they are all to "big" for my purposes. Thank you a million times.

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    Moivemaker is Free license ?

  • Robert Norine - 2018-04-16

    I downloaded and installed the Windows Photo Gallery and Windows Movie Maker. However, there is no ,Start program icon for Windows Movie Maker , nor is there any reference to Windows Movie Maker when I do a search. Where is it??????

  • Akira fenix ishida - 2018-04-15

    Well, it refuses to work on my computer and i'd like to be able to obtain the WIndows Movie Maker files alone themselves.
    If anyone could give me a Mediafire or MEGA link, that would be really appreciated.

  • Felix N. - 2018-04-13


  • Felix N. - 2018-04-13


  • ALI 8576 - 2018-04-12


  • jeff - 2018-04-09

    Maybe (likely) I haven't figured it out but it seems there are limitations. It cannot overlay a second audio section or fade video into another segment. The "old" windows movie maker could do miracles.

  • Richie O'Brien - 2018-04-05

    Absolute lifesaver. My hard drive was fried about a month ago. The new version of Windows 10 didn't have Movie Maker of course. tried loads of other flakey downloads until I found this. My YouTube channel is back on track. Thank you whoever you are!!! :-D <3

  • Maya - 2018-03-31

    It was working several days ago. Now it says error need previous installation required & restart computer.

  • Et - 2018-03-30

    Doesnt work - get an error

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    I was able to get the file from another source and it has worked now! I'm so happy to be able to have this program on my new computer!

  • Shannon @ All Things Health - 2018-03-30

    Still not working for me even after I tried Microsoft Edge. Nothing at all happens when I click the download button.

  • Shannon @ All Things Health - 2018-03-30

    I have clicked on the red download button and the "here" link to try again--over and over and over. I tried on three different Chrome browser profiles. I rebooted my computer. All to no avail. I'll try Microsoft Edge and see if that works.

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  • Blaine - 2018-03-13

    It's nice that someone has made it easy to access the archived copies of the installers in multiple languages from especially since it is hard to find links to these otherwise.

    My only question is, why did you choose to show a screenshot of Windows Movie Maker running on an obviously Apple PC? I know that's a really pretty hi-res image, but that would be like showing Android running on an iPhone. :)

  • Dave Dezzy Dezenieks - 2018-03-12

    it is for real .....

  • ButterflyTaxi DFW - 2018-03-10

    This is the only link on the whole internet that works. I downloaded it a few months ago and was thrilled to use this program again without issue. Had to refresh the OS yesterday and it got deleted but, I am really happy to know the link is still here. I do not know how you are able to keep it up since it appears that all others are trashed. Thank you so much.

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    Very pleased I was able to get it.
    THANKS !!!!

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Thanks so much for this. Looked for it everywhere and this is the only one that works.
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Works like a charm! Big thumps Up for making this available.