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Is Windows Movie Maker free?

Yes! Windows Movie Maker is a free program that was included in previous versions of the Microsoft Windows operating system. It is no longer included in modern versions of Microsoft Windows, but free download links to the original installation files remain available through websites such as ours. (Jump to the download page here).

If you come across any download pages for Windows Movie Maker that ask for payment, steer clear! These paid versions are not the original, free versions of Windows Movie Maker that were originally part of Microsoft Windows. Any download page that asks for payment could be a link to a file which is:

  • an unrelated third-party version of "Movie Maker,"
  • a counterfeit version,
  • or a virus or malware infected version

A well-known scam version allows the user to download the program for free, and on the surface, the software operates just like the original Windows Movie Maker. However, as soon as you attempt to save or export the movie file, you will be required to pay $30 USD to remove the watermark from your video. DO NOT PAY this fee and immediately uninstall this scam version. Windows Movie Maker is free software that does not include any watermarks whatsoever, and it will never ask you to submit payment.